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(n.) A person that inhabits the lounge in Flint Hall of Syracuse University. They can be identified by their constant wear of sweat pants or pajamas with sneakers and frequent unprovoked personal outbursts. They only use mac books and loose all bodily function if you dare change the channel on the television. Sometimes they turn the lounge into their own personal bedrooms. typically lounge rats only socialize with and date other lounge rats. They do not acknowledge other students who do not frequent the lounge. They will attempt to mooch your food, even though you have never talked to them before. Its a closed clique and those of us who look in from the outside feel that we don't belong in the lounge.
Lounge Rat: Are those wings?!?!?! Can I have one?
Student: No.
Student B: (avoids awkward confrontation and remains silent)
Student C: Yo I only got seven.
Lounge Rat:(returns to the television and mac book and then remains in the same position for the next three days)
by orangetreeleaveslnkat October 10, 2008
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College students who insist on constantly taking up space in a residence hall's lounge. Lounge rats tend to partially complete homework, listen to annoying music, talk obnoxiously loud, and facebook while in the lounge. Lounge rats are uniquely annoying due to the fact that sitting in the lounge all of the time makes it awkward for everyone else that has to walk by.
Mike: Damn, Greg, I can't walk five feet down this hallway without running into a pack of lounge rats!

Greg: Yeah, they creep me out man. That Karen girl is always following me!
by ~skirmisher~ September 19, 2010
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Pejorative term for college students who would rather be sociable while studying than become shut-ins. "Lounge Rats" often annoy those who dislike social interaction or getting to know the people who live near them, but give the lounge a pleasant atmosphere that can be enjoyed by all non-douchebags
Student A: Dude, why do you guys have to be such Lounge Rats?
Student B: Bish, you hatin'! Chill with us, or go back to your room and cuddle your textbook.
by anonymousTarHeel September 26, 2010
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