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A country/blues musician. Lyrical genius who writes honest and heartbreaking songs and then performs them with his nasal voice. Hailed as the new Bob Dylan. Often dismissed as being a spoof writer because of the only song he ever wrote that got him recognition from the masses, Dead Skunk. Misogynist, homophobe, misunderstood, and lots of other cool, manly things; a name attributed to displays of sheer manliness.
Terry: Did you see that guy do a Loudon Wainwright III?

Paul: Do you mean the one who lifted a tree from a trapped child, threw it at a circling UN helicopter, made love to forty-eight different women in seventy-three different positions simultaneously and then wrote an awesome song about it, all whilst totally carrying off a cowboy hat?

Terry: Yeah, that's what I said.
by kerrplunk July 02, 2011
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