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A California rivalry between Nor Cal city "San Francisco" and So Cal city "Los Angeles". Here is a list of the rivalries listed: redwoods vs palm trees, wine country vs dessert, crossfit vs built lean, star wars vs star trek, SF Giants vs LA Dodgers, iPhone vs Android, Mocha vs Latte, vodka vs wine, twilight vs big lebowski, bukowski vs thoreau, katy perry vs rihanna, and post modernism vs post modernism, Golden Gate vs Santa Monica Pier. There are still more than what is listed. SF Giants has won more World Series Titles than the LA Dodgers beating them by one title.
LA Boy: Hey, mind if you can move over to my place?
SF Girl: I would rather die than live in Los Angeles.
LA Boy: Well, we got something better than San Francisco. We got the celebrities, Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Hills, Universal Studios, UCLA, LA Dodgers, Beverly Hills, the museum and whatever nice is out there.
SF Girl: Well we have the Golden Gate Bridge.
LA Boy: Hah, that is nothing compared to beautiful Los Angeles.
SF Girl: You never been on the Golden Gate and plus we got the 49ers and the Giants.
LA Boy: Forget the Giants.
SF Girl: At least they won more titles than the Dodger.
Random 10 year old boy: Yeah! They just won the 2012 World Series!
LA Boy: Well, we got more celebrities while you guys don't have as much!
SF Girl: THE! We got Clint Eastwood, and actors and directors will be coming to our city to shoot a film here!
LA Boy: Huh, forget about the Los Angeles vs San Francisco crap. Let's make love instead.
SF Girl: Let us meet at the Golden Gate Bridge.
by WHOEVER IT IS June 20, 2013
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