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MLB team formerly known the anaheim angels. probably the stupidest team name name ever made up. it says two different cities in its name and they don't even play in LA. any mexican knows that this name is retarded cause they read 'the angels angels of anaheim.' that's almost as stupid as naming your kid 'you'
say, 'you wants to play with you' and you then realize that this is the most retarded team name ever created.
Stupid White Guy: Yeah!! go angels!

Smart Mexican Guy: Hey ese, eres loco. I'll cut you, ese.
by el ganso March 30, 2005

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Formerley the Los Angeles Angels, changed teams name to California Angels. Disneyland then purchased the team and changed their name to the Anaheim Angels. Disneyland sold the team to Art moreno who attemted to change the teams name back to the Los Angeles Angels, but ran in to trouble when the City of Anaheim advised Mr Moreno a contract was signed with the the team, when it was owned by disneyland agreeing it would contribute money to restoration of Anaheim stadium if the Angels would keep the Anaheim in their team name.The City said it would challenge him in court to keep the name Anaheim. Art Moreno and his legal advisers found a loop hole and the new team is now called The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.
Go Halos. A MLB baseball team
by JC February 02, 2005
The new name of the Anahiem Angels, Formerly the California Angels.
Person One:Yo, lets go to The Net and see the A's play the Los Angeles Angels Of Anahiem!

Person Two: Only if its dollar wednesday, im not wasting my money on that crazed Moreno guy's team!

Person 1: it is dollar wednesday

Person 2: sweet! im in!
by Wansie January 05, 2005
Misspelling of the word Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. See Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for real definitions.
It's not Los Angeles Angels of AnahIEm it's Los Angeles Angels of AnahEIm
by Spikesy July 20, 2006
Great job Artie, If Anahiem desired to keep the city name they had every opportunity to purchase the team themselves! Why didn't they? You have brought great family fun not to mention a classy organization to the Southern California area. Thank You for keeping baseball fun! Go Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem...
Go Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem
by Kevin Martinez July 15, 2005