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The Typical Loreto girl...
Likes to wear:
-Tommy hilfiger
-Sass & Bide
-Mimco Jewellery & Wallets
-Tiffany & Co.
-Country Road

Spends her time:
-Going to Room 680 (at the age of 18yrs )
-Going for Igloo Zoo on Glenferrie Rd
-Chap Laps
-Getting her nails done @ Texas Nails on High St Armadale
-Having brunch @ Coin Laundry next to Armadale Station
-Dating Scotch, Xavier, St. Kevins or Melbourne Grammar Boys.
-Sun tanning in Lorne, Rye or Portsea during summer.

She is a decent, faithful and well rounded girl who respects her peirs and has classiness. Loreto Toorak Girls are known for their beautiful reputation amongst their local communities.
Loreto Toorak Girl: A Blonde or Brunette haired beauty seen roaming on Glenferrie, Chapel st or Burke Rd on the casual Friday afternoon.
by Robboooooooooooooooooooo May 26, 2012
Loreto Girls are attractive, polite and usually wealthy.

They are often referred to as the "Loreto Sluts"
These girls are popular, but usually for a good reason. They are not skanky or trashy, just slutty.
"look at that hot chick over there, thats the 3rd guy that she has hooked up with tonight"
"yeah she is hot, and shes wearing sass and bide, she must be a Loreto Toorak girl"
by mermaidsrkool June 02, 2014
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