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Lorelyn is a very beautiful woman, when she feels like it, she can give the best back scratches but thats when she feels like it... like never..... anyways, she is sexy but not sleazy, and is the perfect girl a guy could have.
Lorelyn is amazing!
by patrick bastianelli December 08, 2008
1. Nicknamed Lore and likes to eat muffins
2. Generally likes to rock out on the bari sax
3. Likes to say crazy pumped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Is a pyscotic monkey who likes to throw poop at your face!
Friend1 Have you seen that loreLYN?
Friend2 Yeah she threw mud at me
Friend 1 and 3 that wasnt mud....

Friend 1/2/3 Are you crazy pumped lORELYN?? im CRAZY PUMPED@@@@@@@@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!
by RACHEL-MARIE December 08, 2008
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