Noun, Adj.

1. A mysterious man, often a paedophile, who loves children because of the strange things they do.

2. A lover of children, who disguises his paedophilia.
" Ahh! I got molested by a lorelai! "

" That guy staring at you is a real lorelai.. "
by Alex Bennett May 10, 2006
Top Definition
past tense: Lorelai'd
origin: season 4 episode 2 of Gilmore Girls
meaning: to check places out
person a: Ugh! I can't decide which college to go to!
person b: Then let's Lorelai a few places. Once we check them out we'll know which one's better.
by GGobsession August 21, 2008
Another spelling of Lorelei made more popular by the Gilmore Girls.

A mystical water and land creature, much like a siren who sits on a rock in the Rhine river in Germany and lures sailors to their death with her song. She sings, they steer their boats to her unaware of the sharp rocks underwater, they crash and perish.

Also appears more recently in many songs, including by The Pogues on the album Peace and Love a song by Styx on the album Equinox and a poem by Sylvia Path.
He doesn't stand a chance if he trying to go after that Lorelai.
by manumahna February 03, 2010
1. A Norwegian hobgoblin, possibly related to the lory. Hair changes drastically when exposed to Icelandic conditions.
Hey look! There's a Lorelai over there! Jesus, his hair's screwed up! Hide!
by Jonny Finlay July 06, 2006
The term or phrase lorelai is used to describe norweigan peadophiles
"ahh theres lorelai"

"oh no i was attacked by lorelai"

by Dillon Smiles May 10, 2006
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