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A condition involving someone who has just had a massive penis in their mouth, spooge and all, go down the wrong pipe. Days later, the poor helpless soul has forgotten the blowjob, and now stupidly thinks he's gotten some kind of upper respiratory infection, but is so fucking poor that he can't afford meds to treat it. This sad, pathetic individual is then left to troll myspace, begging for free antibiotics.

This is based upon a little-known incident recently, where a "paranormal investigator" calling himself Lord Rick, somehow became ill, with something in his neck, and began begging people on his myspace blog for free antibiotics, and whining about how some nurse friend of his has stopped talking to him. Gee, I wonder why.
Oh shit! Did you hear about Carl? He was down by the docks lastnight and blew a sailor. Now he's got Lord Rick Neck!
by SeeThirty February 21, 2007
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A condition involving someone who has given oral sex to a guy, and ejaculate shooting down the wrong pipe, getting stuck in the person's throat. Days later, with the spooge mass still lodged in the throat, the person panics, forgetting the blowjob, and believing the mass to be some kind of infection or inflammation. This poor soul can't afford healthcare, and for some reason fears the E.R., so he is left trolling the internet, begging for free medication to treat the phantom infection, generally hamming it up with sob stories about having no friends and being walked out on by everyone in his life.

This is loosely based on the life of Lord Rick, a "paranormal investigator", who is constantly whining and crying over such things happening to him. Check his Myspace blog if you need verification.
Hey, did you hear about Steve? He blew a sailor the other night and now he's got Lord Rick Neck! What a moron.
by SeeThirty February 22, 2007
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