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A phrase used to describe something that:

a) Takes a long time
b) Is tedious or stressful
c) Doesn't interest you

Originates from London.
Guy 1: Shall we walk to College?
Guy 2: Nah that's a long ting

Guy 1: I've got to do 17 pages of Coursework by tomorrow.
Guy 2: That's a long ting.

Girl 1: Shall we go to the Cinema? I want to see Snakes on a plane
Guy 1: Nah that's a long ting
by DaveG217 September 10, 2006
a situation that's tedious and stressfull
A)next man's fone's off
B)long ting
by liberty September 18, 2003
1) When an action required to carry out a task will take too long and the person who were to carry out the task cannot be bothered

2) To do something quick and effective

The word is derived from London, where it is a common phrase.
1) Nah fuck that... going to the shop is a longting

2) Let's get these motherfuckers... No longtings
by poontang March 26, 2005
An expression to imply that a given activity or event is tiresome or not worth one’s time.
Boss: You need to finish that report before you leave.
Employee: Ahh, 'low it man, dat's long tings bruv.
by dan_man_BTN July 31, 2008
Sumthin Dat Takes A Long Tym To Do Or U Dont Relli Wanna Do
Boy: Wanna Go To Shop
Mate: Nah Man Dats A Long Ting

Boy: Wanna Help Me Babysit
Mate: Nah Datz A Long Ting Blud
by Duble M Blud June 04, 2009
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