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A very regional haircut found in the greater New York City area. This includes Staten Island, Queens, all parts of New Jersey and especially Long Island, they are not found in Manhattan except from bridge and tunnel crowds in on a Saturday night. They can be found in high concentrations at Rutgers and Suny Albany. The haircut starts with a product known as "hair glue" and the guido works the glue into his hair and meticulosly spikes small bunches of hair towards the back of his head. Sometimes known as "The Sonic" LIB's are usually accompanied by tattoos, tank top t-shirt, "wife beaters", all white sneakers, acid washed jeans, displayed religious chains and fake tans. The owners of the blowouts have no class, low IQ, no sense of fashion and no shame.
You see that kid over there with the Long Island Blowout.
by Pistallero September 21, 2006

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