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That one African-American co-worker who may have only been hired at a suburban corporate office in an attempt to satisfy equal opportunity rules within a company. This lone man or woman may feel compelled to poke fun at the current situation, through over-animating said African status; addressing old white women as "B" or pale-faced co-workers with "sup G, you get that PTS report?" In general, given the seemingly awkward situation of being overwhelmingly outnumbered, the lone African uses Ebonyx on the regular, phrases like "betta recognize" when someone asks if they will be out of the office, and has the natural swagger you would expect.
White office girl: "Hey Tyrone, were you able to complete those safety forms I sent to you like a week ago?"
Lone African: "Holla! Gurrrl you know I'll be gettin those files to you in a hurry! Betta recognize! Sheeeeit! Aint gettin no respect up in here!M...m...mmmmmmm"
by cwisticwistina July 24, 2013
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