A skate designed by the notorious lol inc. Few pictures of the skate have been released, most likely because only two prototypes of the skate are believed to exist. There had been an auction for one such Lollerskate on E-bay several months back. Both the seller and the bidder of this Lollerskate was unable to be tracked. The latest rumor has it that the Lollerskate has been sold to the government in an attempt to provide U.S. troops with cheap, comfortable, and efficient transportation, but I doubt that we'll ever know the truth. As to what a Lollerskate actually can do is also a mystery, although Jeffrey Lamaou certainly has an idea as to the properties of the Lollerskate as made apparent by his May, 2004 statement, "The Lollerskate will soon see mass-marketing and production by the year 2023, and it will go hand in hand with flying cars." With the limited documentation that's available to the public regarding the Lollerskate, the only concrete information is that it will be released with the price tag of $100-250 dollars per pair. With such an unimaginably low price for such a woundrous product, I for one am eager to ascertain its details. More as it develops.
Yeh fo' sho nigga, dat cadillac makes 1 hella ride but it ain't no fuckin' lollerskate ya know wut im sayin'?
by wtf October 18, 2004
Top Definition
Hilarity on wheels;
A lesser version of Lollercaust
That joke was Lollerskates!
by Lobsterboy July 15, 2003
Used on the internet for something hilarious. It's like "lol", but funnier.
OMG Funnay topic! Lollerskates BBQ!
by ToR January 17, 2005
Lollerskates are the only way to outrun a roflcopter that is about to gun you down
Guy1: You can never outrun the roflcopter!!1

Guy2: I wish i had my lollerskates!!11
by Hacheoy May 15, 2009

Lollerskates are Rollerskates with LOLs!!!
"Omg what's that in the sky? A bird? A plane? A roflcopter?"
by Jonathan Lin July 15, 2006
A creative way to express laughing out loud, or LOL.
Dude: "Oh man did you see that guy smash his face on that wall? classic..."
Other dude: "yeah i did. Loller skates."
by two test tickles April 20, 2008
the most efficient form of transLOLtation
Guy #1: Oh shit, I'm late to class!

Guy #2: No problem, brah! Just strap on your lollerskates! Lololol
by George Lolshington October 03, 2011
a word used when you laugh so hard you get lightheaded and you start to feel like you're gliding...like on roller skates =D
*random person says random hilarious joke*
person: lollerskates! XDDD
by smarticle, yo. March 13, 2009

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