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A clearly defined error in reasoning used to support or refute an argument about sexual prowess.
The assumption that having a bigger and/or more powerful car makes you a bigger and/or more powerful man is a logical phallusy.
by Alexandra Stuart April 07, 2008
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Being a dick when you're justified in being a dick.
1: Dude did you see John punch that guy in the throat?
2: Yeah, but he had it coming, he dissed John's mom.
1: Hmm, that's true. I guess John committed a logical phallusy.
by Zhaadsquad August 06, 2014
An error in judgment caused by a man thinking with his penis instead of his brain.
I committd a logical phallusy in sleeping within that huge vagina, as now I can never escape from it.
by Martha Nose October 08, 2007

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