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The supreme overlord of awesomeness, and the saviour of the human race. tis was he who destroyed the wicked Nick Shaw by throwing him into the depths of mount doom, ending the rein of the grammar Nazis. Logan Bryant also invented the pull up and the walking dead. It was he that killed jarred the raw ass nigger as he attempted to steal his clock radio.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Logan bryant.
Oh no Liam died. Oh well.
Hay, look its Logan. I can die in peace now.
Wow I just pulled a log, hahahaha no you didn’t that’s impossible.
God created humanity, and chuck Norris created god, so who created chuck Norris? It was log silly.
#jared wickliffe #logan #god #nazis #nick shaw
by wedewfwfefew May 09, 2013
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