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A bowel movement whereby the poop leaves behind an intense burning sensation as it exits the anus. The burning sensation exhibited on the rectum is the key symptom of a Log Burner, as the actual poop (the Log Burner) can vary widely in color, viscosity, shape, odor and texture.

Log Burners often present themselves after a person consumes a spicy meal. Log Burners are a common affliction among people of European origin who sometimes consumes Indian, Mexican or Caribbean food.

Sufferers usually describe the feeling as if their butthole was engulfed in flames.
Jill enjoyed eating the spicy Chicken Tikka last night at the Indian restaurant, but the next morning went to the bathroom and shot out a Log Burner that left her rectum feeling like a fiery pit of molten lava.
by cephwalk July 09, 2009
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