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Someone who smokes alot of Marijuana aka trees.

another word for a pot head
Jonny's a log head all he ever does is smoke tree.
by Sanit April 14, 2007
19 3

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A person dat smoke a lot of trees(weed). Hint: logs cum from trees, and trees is another name 4 weed
Damn, Dat nigga Reggie is a loghead. Dat nigga cum 2 skool everyday blazed
by Reggie Ray March 23, 2008
12 4
A term for someone with an unusually large head i.e. A head the size of a log.
"Wow Paul Wilson has a right log head"
by booka1205 November 01, 2011
2 0
Someone that is on a level of greatness higher than your own.
I can't find that bonus level is mario kart, I guess I am not on the LogHead level.
by Someguynamedjoe22 February 12, 2010
2 1
Getting caught in a conversation from which there is no escape.
Sorry i'm late, i got caught in a loghead.
by Jim Toner May 03, 2007
3 13