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Log a Log Day is a National and Bank Holiday in Switzerland and New Jersey. In Switzerland it is celebrated on January 2nd every year while in New Jersey it is celebrated every year on April 10th. Log a Log Day is a day log logging. Logging is another word for pooping. Log a Log Day comes from the phrase 'log a log'. The first log meaning poop and the second log meaning a log you keep, like a journal of logs or poops. Log a Log Day is an important day in many peoples lives and is usually accompanied by a huge feast on the day of celebration.
Guy 1: DUDE, i just logged a HUGE log!
Guy 2: NICE MAN, but its not even Log a Log Day yet.
Guy 1: Yeah I know man, I'll log even harder on January First after our huge New Years meal.
by np44 January 03, 2012
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