A city (especially New York) tourist, who despite only living there for a few months, continually tries to assert that he's a local.
-"Dude we should go to Williamsburg tonight that place is dope."
-"Jake, that's locust talk man."
by SkyFood May 22, 2009
Top Definition
The Locust is the enemy that you must defeat in the new Microsoft's game Gears of War for Xbox 360.
Dude1: Hey look! that Locust is coming right to you!
Dude2: No problem, I've got my shotgun right here.
Dude1: Hahaha! it's head disappeared!
by Vulcan Blast January 04, 2007
a grasshopper, especially in warm regions.
borat sadieyev in the locust
I am the locust, fuck to you!
by Emu Lgator June 16, 2004
1.) A type of grasshopper that periodically appears and eats all vegetation available before laying eggs and dying. It is edible.
2.) The harmless (but very noisy) periodic cicada, which emerges every 17 years. It, too, is edible.
3.)Any overly abundant and destructive or annoying entity. Not always edible.
1.) Aaaaaaack! Locusts!

2.) Aaaaargh! Locusts!

3.) Aieeeee! Locusts!
by Laser Potato June 07, 2005
Used to label Mainland Chinese in a foreign country that will abuse benefits and disregard local customs. They abuse loopholes in systems and give nothing back to the community they are in. Once the place is drained of its resources they will flock to another place and restart the process, just like the insect.
I was just at the pharmacy the other day and saw a sign in Chinese "Please respect others, only 2 cans of milk powder per person", gosh they're a bunch of locusts
by extasy1988 February 08, 2013
A female who feeds off of the male population until they are barren and left with nothing then she proceeds to move onto the next guy and repeat the same process.
Man Sarah is such a freaking locust. I mean she left John with nothing. She took his money,clothes,credit cards and then made all his friends even turn against him. She is definatley evil. This is like the 3rd guy she has done this to.
by dsdonnie March 16, 2006
A thirty-something male who emerges from his winter hiding place each spring to find an unwitting woman's life to ruin each by fall. The locust is similar to the very similar dating type, "the false messiah. "Everyone is fooled and believes that he is in earnest. He may even think so. While the false messiah is aware of his actions, the locust goes about his destruction carelessly leaving a female victim dazed and confused upon his sudden and brutal breakup speech delivered after months of declaring his true love. Like the insect that periodically terrorizes farmers, he comes out unexpectedly and ruins everything in sight. IN autumn, heretreats to his cave to destroy again. After declaring that he is going to stay away from dating for a while, he can be found the next day on every dating web site one can find seeking his next victim. L
Synonyms: False-Messiah Antonyms: husband, true-love, sincerity
" That guy is a locust; he acted like he truly loved me, had everyone fooled, and then blind-sided me with a brutal breakup. I hope he gets shingles.
by gingersnapsrocks! January 28, 2011
A swarm of people who apparently love everything and anything that you or your group of friends may love. A social plague of people that copy ideals and interests from those around them. They will swarm aound it and feed off of it until the thing you like will begin to dissatisfy you due to the locust plague. Locusts disguise themselves very well so be aware of their actions.

Locusts are a growing menace everywhere and anywhere they are the noobs of society. hide any interests in things because they will swarm
Locusts can consist from any number of things. They can be groups of people that attempt to make something cool by sending in swarms of its kind to influence others to believe that it may be cool. Locusts can even be girls who pretend to know how to play video games like call of duty or any other type of shooter but nonetheless do it out of desperation.

Ex: Guy " i just got finished beasting on codmw2"

Girl Responds " omg i love call of duty"
by Grave_X December 09, 2010
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