To be loco or crazy...
Examples: Kottonmouth Kings - "Smoked out, loced out whats my name? D'Loc representing the Kottonmouth Kings"

Tupac - "High till I die, Loc till they smoke me! The shit don't stop till my casket drops!!"

Wiz Khalifa - "Choked out, loced out, blowing hella smoke out"

Other Ex. "This party is loc yo."

"Lets get this bitch (party) loced out!!"
by Rob Hollywood November 02, 2013
named after the fact that tone loc always wore sunglasses, it means to have shaded or tinted
I'm going to get my car loc'ed out.
by freekadelia December 05, 2007
The name of a very great rapper. A rapper who has a lot of flow. And can be found on Soundclick. Everyone loves him!
OMG Loced Out is the greatest! I wish i had hes Genes!
by Jesse March 08, 2005
The Greatest young rapper of all time. He has the most imaculate flow ever. Listenin Too Loced-Out is a one way ticket too heaven. You can do many things listenin to this guys music. Listenin to this great music is even better then a 3sum with J-Lo and Beyonce.
OMG i juss got done listenin to a Loced-Out. Am i in Heaven yet?
by Johnny March 10, 2005
A Very Sexy, h0tt, Rnb/Rapper from Las Vegas that you can find on Myspace! ALL the girls want to date Him! His lyrics in his music are great, and to top it off he is SO DAMN FINE!!!! We Love You Loced Out!!
I Wish i was Loced Outs girlfriend, fuck all the other bitches.
by RicanMamiix March 30, 2008
A person that is wearing a pair of Locs, which is a brand of black, rockable yet inexpensive sunglasses.
Loc1: Damn foo i just got smoked out and i didin't bring any visine!
Loc2: So what
Loc1: Now i gotta go to my house all loced out.
by koope January 03, 2008
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