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The act of lying on the floor face down, with your ass facing a toilet. You then take a projectile turd (aimed at the toilet bowl). Please note: your turd does not have to land in the toilet for it to be considered a lob shot.
Awesome! Bob just attempted a lob shot and he sunk it! I think he had corn for dinner too!
by alheebs December 16, 2010
Preformed during a water polo game, the lob shot is an attempt to loft the ball over the goalie's head and into the back of the net. A lob shot is generally considered a compliment from the shooter to the goalie, for preforming a lob against a goalie signals that the shooter is too afraid to shoot a hard shot because he fears the shot will be blocked by the goalie.
Bradly Bitler is very partial to the lob shot.
by GMSekulski April 02, 2005