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Any kind of action in which you attack someone, something, or an idea presented/channeled into an object with a karate-like chop and saying and or screaming "LOATHARZ!!!"
1. Kat dissaproved of my idea, and suggested her own, so I drew "kat's idea" on her purse, and loatharzed that ho into a trashcan.

2. JAke had this sweet sandwich, which he wouldn't share, so I loatharzed it out of his hand onto the floor, then proceeded to eat said floor-sandwich.
by Samuel L Gompers June 17, 2008
(v): "to loathar";
when one artistically karate-chops another human or object and verbally declares "LOATHARZ BITCH!"
I was about to eat my sandwich when Ragen loathared it out my hands and ran away roaring "Loatharz!!!!"
by Silidons May 23, 2008
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