A stagehand who get paid a high wage to load a truck with lighting, sound and video equipment. After they load, the then continue to assemble the show.
We have 4 loaders, 2 backline, 8 lighting, 4 audio, 5 video and 10 carps
by Chuck Power February 03, 2010
Top Definition
Some one who loads a lot of expensive software on a computer to raise its' price. Then sells the computer without the program disks, and keys, when a program needs to be reloaded the buyer is hosed.
The xp on my computer didn't have a disk or coa I need to reload it, the loader says not his problem.
by knowman June 10, 2008
A full flask of liquor.
"hey dude, bring a loader it's going to be a long night."
by mikeallen152 August 18, 2014
Someone who is always loaded, or someone acting stupid or drunken
Take off, you loader!
His brother is such a loader, nobody wants to hang with him.
by leadpipe August 23, 2005
a person who can eat a whole apple in one bite.
logan: man that kid has a big mouth.
torey: he is a mega loader.
by torra borra May 24, 2004
a) To be very tall and suck at bowling
b) To have a terrible game when bowling
Dude, that's the 8th gutterball in a row!
I know man, I'm having a Loader
by H@H@H@H@H@H@ May 15, 2009
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