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The drunk and sometimes belligerent cousin of Polkaroo (of the Canadian children's television series Polka Dot Door).

Like Polkaroo, Loadaroo appears as if by magic, often glimpsed only out of the corner of the eye, and leads to drunken adventures. Loadaroo is a very elusive creature, often teasing individuals with the possibility of his presence and then never fully appearing.

Loadaroo most often appears to military personnel and it is debated that they were the first to discover him but civilians have also been known to make contact.

If he is nearby you will know him by his familiar call, "Loadaroo! Loadaroo! Loadaroo!"
"Loadaroo came to visit last night and I got totally hammered."

"I was totally loadaroo last night, and I have no idea how I got home."
by Pin Up Betty August 25, 2011
1. Adj- excessively drunk, in a cheerful and non-destructive manner.

2. Proper Noun (Unauthorized; Specific to Ontario, Canada): Cousin to Polkaroo, the large polkadot kangaroo of children's TV classic "The Polka Dot Door". Where Polkaroo is a bastion of good morals and says only the word "Polkaroo!"(and incidental sexism, as adult males never see him), Loadaroo is a fell beast whose haunting cries (Loadaroo!) induce debauchery in all those who hear him.
1. Adj- "Man, he is loadaroo! We should have what he's having."

2. Proper Noun "Did you see the Captain? He's heard the call of Loadaroo. I foresee bad things for anyone who goes out with him tonight."
by MorganintheWilderness August 28, 2011

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