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Proper Noun.

1. LoS is Short for Carlos. Only Kool Carlos can use LoS. RR Is short for Ruff Ryders

Ruff Ryders are bad ass's on the bike scene. LoS RR is really ILL on the bike scene. LoS RR is usually accompanied by a super hot chick ryder called a "Stunna Chick".

2. The Ruff Ryders in Spanish=LoS Ruff Ryders

3. LoS RR is a celebrity in the Bike Scene from RuFF Ryders the Most Well Known Sportbike Club World Wide
1.LoS RR will be Leading the Sportbike Parade.

2. LoS RR is Ryding Stunna Chick

3. Nancy: "Carlos from Ruff Ryders"

Jizabelle:"no u R-Tard, It's LoS RR"
by Stunna Chick March 07, 2010