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a phrase in Spanish similar to that of "he got owned" in English. The literal meaning of "Lo mataron" is "they killed him", but the literal meaning is not, in this case, the definition of the phrase. The phrase can be altered to the female gender variation of "La Mataron", meaning "She got owned". Used to ridicule someone who has either 1. been bamboozled, 2. received quite a verbal thrashing or "comeback" from another. Usually said in a sing song manner similar to Northern Mexican music genre called "norteñas" with alternating notes which constantly repeat "Lo mataron, lo mataron, lo mataron lo mataron." This saying was popularized by a radio show.
Woman: I need to go to the pet store.
Man: Is that where you buy your toys?
Woman: No, that's where your mom gets them.
Spectators: OOH! (in sing-song) "Lo mataron, lo mataron, lo mataron, lo mataron!"
by SabiaDelUniverso December 18, 2009
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