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1 -
Lloyd Boodating is a Verb used to exclaim that the subject is doing something horrible, unforgiving and just plain disgusting.

2 -
It can also be a sexual act in which the female you are having sex with moans the male's name, and the male stops and exclaims "What?".
1 -
Bro 1 - "Ah bro, that dude last night did a fucking Lloyd Boodat on me."

Bro 2 - "Holy shit, what did he do?!"

Bro 1 - "He did a shit on my bed!"

Lloyd Byatt - "Hey guys!"

Bro 1 + Bro 2 - *Awkward Silence*

2 -
That drunk girl I was having sex with last night totally did a Lloyd Boodat on me.
by Stormatree October 14, 2011
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