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Some Jewish guy who looks like a girl and lives somewhere in Washington and spends all day looking for the fabled unaired Bernstein Bear cartoon episode that featured 3 minutes of insinuated gay bondage.
There is some kid who calls himself Llamagod and cosplays as Final Fantasy characters and eats Butt Tacos.
by Khaaaaaan September 14, 2004
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The mistaken name that people hear when they are told about Lamb of God
Guy 1: I just gave a couple of music albums to a Buddhist colony

Guy 2: Neat! Who was the producer of the music?

Guy 1: I think my friend said the music was made by Llama God
by cyber1010 December 05, 2010
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LlamaGod the one who pwns all, everything must stand down to his l337ness.
Ouch, the LlamaGod is too l337.
by BloodLusT April 23, 2004
2 10