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The equivalent of "mushroom stamping", reserved for those men who have not been circumcised. It involves slapping a person with the penis hard enough to leave an imprint on the recipient's body. If the person was circumcised, it would leave a mushroom shaped imprint. If not, a lizard tail. Hence the name- Lizard Whip
While my girlfriend was asleep last night, I lizard whipped her forehead. It turned out great, but I'm sure I'll be couching it for the next week.
by Matty Malott December 13, 2012
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when a male is having sex and picks up his partner by the waist and while his penis is inside her he pulls her one way and then jerks the other way causing her to tighten up making the ejaculation more pleasurable.
man: i lizard whipped my girl last night and she is still trying to recover.
by ladies man-whore January 12, 2010
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