a tiny little fart that tags along after a much larger and boisterous burst of flatulence, whose mere existence just seems redundant and pathetic in the wake of its predecessor

"Ahh! Now that was some good stuff!"


"Whoops. Little brother."
by Harry Bumwind June 09, 2008
Top Definition
Kick ass hip hop group coming out of North Carolina comprised of Big Pooh and Phonte. Also consisted of producer 9th wonder who recently left the group but still collabs. They have a mellow beat, good rhymes, and all around feel good music.
The Minstrel Show - Little Brother
by Mac Mo January 13, 2008
The annoying little thing that always piss you off, but mums love them.
"I hate little brothers"
by D-BUCK March 05, 2005
Aka; Pest, shadow, second attempt at a decent child, little bother.

Generally smaller. Quite annoying at times and seems to take great enjoyment in copying your everymove.
In context:
Felix: "Mm I'll have a strawberry icecream with walnuts and chocolate chips please."
Younger Brother (Is allergic to nuts): "Can I have a strawberry icecream with walnuts and chocolate chips?" (Innocent smile)
Felix (sigh): "Ehh..." (gives up)
-Result: Little brother in hospital and Felix grounded-
by Older Brother December 02, 2007
The usage of a cell phone's camera or audio recorder, or any other discrete personal electronic device, to monitor and record the actions of overzealous authority. This is in contrast to George Orwell's "Big Brother" in his book 1984.
"Those cops better watch what they're doing, little brother is watching."
by Mr. Allison Westbrook IV November 17, 2006
A male who has a preference for platonic "fraternal sibling" relationships with women as opposed to sexual relationships.

The "little brother" may not necessarily reject a sexual encounter with a woman with whom he has developed a "fraternal sibling" relationship, but it is not the primary motivation for initiating or continuing the relationship and generally not the desired outcome.
"Don't start unless you're up for it all the way. I don't need another little brother".
by Dylan1982 April 29, 2010
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