A YouTube show put on by the group Starkid, whom are also known for their shows A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel, Me and My Dick and Starship. The show has 11 episodes, starring the famous Darren Criss and Lauren Lopez from their other musicals.
Friend 1: Hey dude, have you seen A Very Potter Musical?
Friend 2: Yeah, its so cool!

Friend 1: Then you should watch Little White Lie!!
*11 episodes later*
Friend 2: That was so cool!!!
Friend 1: Told ya!
by Moonshoes Potter June 28, 2011
A minor, polite or harmless lie. A white lie can be excused because it doesn't cause great harm.
- I don't wanna see my friends today.
- Tell them.
-But I don't want to hurt them.
-So tell them that you're not feeling good.
- It isn't true !
- C'mon, it's just a little white lie !
by Anissa_LS November 20, 2013

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