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Syndrome caused by an inferiority complex usually directed at stature or height. In women this may cause a variety of problems from "Bitchy-ness" to the urge to stand on large objects in order to feel some sense of "dominance" over others. Calling a woman who suffers from L.P.S. "tall" is a big compliment and will make them feel good about themselves. In men the problems multiply; men, already having an aggregation of complex's pertaining to their own inferiorities, become arrogant little fucks, who buy big trucks, and treat people like shit.

This syndrome is similar to L.M.S. or Little Man Syndrome, which is an inferiority with the size of ones own Male reproductive organ.
"Man that girl suffers from L.P.S. real bad she's just being a bitch to everyone."

"E.H.(hahah) is trippin', must be the L.P.S."

Little Person Syndrome(L.P.S.)
by Long14 January 08, 2012

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