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noun. In any city, an area which has a relatively dense population of persons of Jewish descent, but not necessarily to the utter exclusion of other races, creeds and denominations.

In former times, these enclaves of Jewishness were called 'Ghettos', although the term ghetto is now more commonly associated with areas populated by lower-class African American communities.

A good example of a Little Israel would be the Sarcelles district in Paris, France or Kew Garden Hills, Queens, New York.

Synonyms: Little Tel Aviv, Little Jerusalem, Hymietown
Guy 1: Where did you get these bagels? They are both tender and delicious
Guy 2: In Little Israel, man -- so not only are they moist and flavourful, but damned if they aren't Kosher
Guy 1: Damned indeed!
by Scott219 June 21, 2006
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