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A death hole not far from Belfast with literally one street of shops but containing people that believe that it is a legitimate city, despite the fact every significant factor proves otherwise. Plus it's shit.
Cutting myself only hurts my outside, going to Lisburn self-harms my entire being.
by iahsgvpof July 18, 2008
A "city" near belfast infested by imigrants and alchaholic under achieving crackheads, drinking buckfast while walking down the main street. The schools in lisburn include chavy hard lads or snotty rich kids who all own ponies. Theres f*** all to do, except from watching the emos thinking they are cool by smoking in the park. Also full of pointy heads who think they live in england, stupid orange scum
1. Are you getting the train to lisburn?

i would rather burn to death and get shat on

Its all fun and games till you find out shes from lisburn.
by Fukthepointyheads April 27, 2011
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