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A coward who always says he's undefeated in RuneScape. Many people have proven him wrong by dueling and killing him. When he is challenged, he always shows up late. He is scared of people with a higher Prayer level.

Hails from .
"God, noobs. One more chance to back out of this or I'll own you." - Liquidus
by Drake January 12, 2005
A crappy company that produces video on demand products, run by management who works their staff to death in order to save money. Basically a slave camp for developers. Stay far away from this company.
Liquidus has a contract with Comcast, and when they lose that contract, the company will go bankrupt.
by Allen2 April 03, 2008
fucking n00b that thinks he owns the wild
got fairly beat in the wild with rules both agreed on by hyperblast xan
Liqiudus, that fucking n00b just got owned!
by herki hawkeye March 30, 2005
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