teenage slang for liquor.
i got "liqs" in the back of my big red van. can you boot us some "liqs"?
by Lucky-Grad05 June 18, 2005
Top Definition
Shortened version of liquor.
I took straight liq to the face, for my piece.
by Sean K November 21, 2005
LIQ=laugh inside quietly. Used in an instance where something is amusing but not quite funny enough to make one actually laugh out loud. Allows for a better distinction between various levels of amusement and prevents the constant lying of people claiming they're laughing out loud when they're really not. Especially useful for puns.
I can't believe I completely blanked on that girls name. I've been in her class like all year. LIQ.

I hate when a good joke about airplanes goes under the radar. LIQ.
by SgtHapyFace June 24, 2011
A clever and new way to tell people you like them, since if you sound out all the letters together, LIQ, it is like i like you.
Josh: LIQ, Hannah!
Hannah: Awhh thanks Josh, LIQ too!
by FreshMeater January 27, 2011
the liquor store; or hard liquor
Man, I'm to the LIQ, drinks in the club are expensive as hell.
by Trinide October 25, 2007
Acroynm for "I Like You"

(read the letters L, I, Q quickly, and it sounds exactly like "I Like You" )

inspired by popular similar acroynms, such as ily, ilu, and ilysfm.
its most commonly used in instant messanger screen names.

"**** - ***-**** --- LIQ!L)"

by DinoheartsKayla September 24, 2007
L.i.q is short for liquor thats it
can go as liq however you feel at the tyme is how it goes
Hey nigga when we gone get up on some of that l.i.q
by hewey May 27, 2004
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