A list of women you either are having sex with, or want to have sex with.

This originates from the age old cliche of having lipstick smudges from the night before.
She is going on my lipstick list.
by johnsmith12345x April 16, 2012
Top Definition
A list of people from someones past that they wish to murder or hurt.

From the movie Billy Madison with Adam Sandler.

the scene on youtube is called "Billy madison call danny mcgrath"
"Dude it's that guy from high school who used to beat us up!"
"Aw man he is on my lipstick list already don't worry!"

"Hey man stop picking on that nerd over there! u don't want 2 end up on his lipstick list!"
"O ya! good point! I'll stop! thanks man!"

"Hey just don't murder the guy ok?"
"Don't worry my lipstick list is long enough already!"
by long.story.person December 30, 2011
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