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A biofemale who is sexualy attracted to other biofemale's, who feels and expresses - maleness, as a gender ID, but does not want to transition into a male body, AND dresses as a wears makeup/wings/high heels/female clothes/fake fingernails etc... esp. if the manner of dress is for the purpose of being attractive to a Lipstick Femme.
A Lipstick Femme is often mistaken as a straight female.
A Lipstick Butch Lesbian, may also be mistaken as a straight female, who doesn't act like a girl. or even mistaken as a man in drag... a lipstick butch is sometimes refered to as a 'lesbian drag queen'..(not to be confused with a drag KING) or a 'butch in drag'.
by jayt_101 February 10, 2011
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