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chapstick carmex burt's bees
"Yo, DeMario, can I have some lip lube?"
"Sure dude. But all I have is carmex."
by Raddest Person Alive October 31, 2008
Lip Lube is a substance that enhances one's ability to have raging kisses with another human being and grants ecstatic pleasure for both parties. Some particularly popular Lip Lubes are lemon raspberry chapstick, oil, or zinc oxide.
Ex 1: Monica: Your lips are chapped. Let me get some lemon raspberry chapstick!
Ian: Wow. That lip lube is amazing ;)

Ex 2: Hey, Pamela, my lips are really chapped do you happen to have some lip lube around to spice things up?
by lemonade.raspberry09 August 25, 2011