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Linty means a shady person, usually a male who blows up your spot, cock blocks, stabs you in the back, or sometimes is just a plain cheap ass. Linty can also apply to untrustworthy women, but the use is rare.
Most common use: he's a linty bastard.
by Elijah Frye July 13, 2006
The lint from underwear that gets stuck in your ass hair
Steve: "hey wanna see some linties?"

Cam: "what's that?"
by Poonsquad2014 February 22, 2014
To be shady, or shifty.

Very secretive, manipulative, suspicious, sneaky, and untrustworthy.

Usually a characteristic of maneater s, hoes and gold diggers.
"Knew I couldn't trust her, that linty bitch!"
by ctdstryr August 23, 2013