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A girl whose pledging a sorority with you.
Stacey: Whose that? (indicating Myka)
Amber: Oh, Myka? That's my line sister! Love her. We both became apart of Delta Sigma Theta together.
by dser July 13, 2011
a girl who pledges a sorority with you. she is generally very close to you and has your back.
Person: Who's that in the picture with you?
Me: That's my line sister! We're inseparable! Love her so much!
by spr12 July 24, 2012
your sister who stands in LINE with you while pledging,not chilling in a classroom.
whos tha girl you were talking to?
oh thats gia my LINE SISTER, we put in work for our letters
ohhh okk!!!i see you!
by macademianut215 April 18, 2012
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