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A mysterious ailment which affects the lower back during or just before a period of hard work. It renders the sufferer unable to do unpleasant tasks but miraculously leaves them physically capable of doing tasks that are enjoyable. Ironically the sufferer is never affected during slack work periods. The cause of this ailment is believed to be genetic as it appears to only affect members of one family and to alleviate the symptoms, the sufferer must sit on the internet all day, carry a box of pain killers at all times but not necessarily take them, and eventually go home until the hard work period is over.
Bob: "Jim, we are going to be busy over the next few days so we need you to scrub the decks and wash the tender while you are on duty"
Jim: "Sorry Bob, I've just come down with Line back so I can't do any of that. I don't mind sitting on my fat arse in the control room watching movies though if that helps?"
Bob: Line back? Didn't your sister have that a month ago?
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