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Where the thotties roam in the heart of the ghetto of London, Ontario, Canada. Burning buildings and shootings can be spotted while entering the area of Limberlost. Thotties, Ratchets and other less than reputable folk can be seen walking the streets of Limberlost. Limberlost is referred to as the most ghetto area of London, Ontario and it is a wide known fact that once you get into Limberlost, there is no way out. People in Limberlost are spread out across prisons in Ontario and even throughout Canada.
"Man i was roaming around limberlost and I saw the biggest thottie"
"Yo I done seen the biggest ratchet ass hoe in the middle of Limberlost"
"I seen some shootings and burning buildings happen as soon as I hit Limberlost Road"
"My nigga Shaun Wrightson also known as Piggy banks or the Notorious P.I.G. is straight outta Limberlost and he is sketchy as hell"
by Jack Brighton January 17, 2014
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