"L"ost "I"n "M"iddle "A"merica

Believe me, when you move to Ohio, you'll officially be a Lima loser.
by The_gLeek September 25, 2009
Top Definition
A term coined on the Fox show "Glee"- meaning a person that won't succeed in life and will be a loser for the rest of his/her life and never amount to anything.

Lima being the town in which the Glee characters live in, or Lost In the Middle of America (L.I.M.A.)
Quinn Fabray: "Puck, you will always be a LIMA loser!"
by misslmb November 17, 2009
Used in the popular show "Glee", Lima-Loser refers to a person that was born in the town Lima, grew up there, and will never leave.
Quinn - "You're a lima-loser and you will always be a lima-loser."
by totoro432 January 18, 2010
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