The left tilt on a penis from excessive masturbation by a right handed person.
(Sandy takes Joe's pants off)
Sandy: Wow Joe, your dick curves quite a bit to the left
Joe: Yeah, that's my lilt
by piledriver413 October 26, 2011
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Lil' t is a character made by artist Kevin C Ferreira. It came as a result of his artwork and writings for, "SpektumMEK". Lil' t looks like a tiny white tyrannosaurus rex but is said to represent, thought, tyrannosaurus, and time.
"Look at that artwork, it has Lil' t running around."
by Sirblah February 21, 2014

may stand for lil trick, lil t-bag, lil twat, or in some cases, lil testicles. Its a person that changes their myspace picture everyday but takes the same picture in the same position, pose, and place but with different clothes on. This person may be seen hanging out with mexican people but may try to fit in with vietnamese people.
ME: Hey, look at that lil t looking ass nigga right there
FRIEND: Yup, that nigga wearin a tall tee lookin like a dress
ME: HAHA, the stickers still on his shirt
FRIEND: HAHA, what a lil trick
by Bobby Ricky August 23, 2007
A generalized term used in many Internet communities to call someone a twat. (LiL T = LiL Twat).
That LiL T, hes such a Faggot.
by cRazy2k6 August 10, 2006
A generalized term used in some Internet communities to call someone a twat/cunt or any other offensive word for a Vagina.
That LiL T, hes such a Faggot.
by cRazy_ August 09, 2006
A gangster in Taylors white gang.

Also see: Big Geno, Tony, or Frankie
Big Geno: I hate Lil' T, he's a rival gangster. But he's no match for us.
by Big Geno March 30, 2005
Laughing in Low Tones
Shane: im gona beat a baby seal with a dead baby
austin: LILT
by roflacopter953.24 December 08, 2010

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