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An amazing girl raised in New Canaan who is in love with the Beatles and Jim Morrison. Puts the letter "N" in front of everything.(Ex: Nello, ny name nis Nenna)An awesome friend who knows how to make someone laugh. She has the best parents..."lilly,where are you?lillian?liiiilly." Owns a guinea pig named "Poopie". She is the real Chuck Norris. Makes the best faces and jokes. The cheese to my macaroni, the beef to my jerky, the pork to my chop...you get it.Lets just say shes an all around phenominal person to be with<3:)
Jenna:Mom, Chuck Norris says "OH,HI"

Mom: Who's Chuck Norris?

Jenna: LILLY MURRAY.....how could you not know that!?!?!
by Jennaveeve Testicles February 08, 2010
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