The Best Band Alive!
There music is better than any Hilary Duff Or Avril
by Faith March 29, 2004
Top Definition
A great rock band who has to face sexism from idiots who think they're all a bunch of Avrils even tough they started their band in seventh grade and produced their album a year before Avril.
by Someone who isn't an idiot September 15, 2003
the heighth of canadian musical talent. great girls.
See: beautiful, sexy, talented, great.
by George W. Bush October 11, 2003
An all girl quartet from B.C., Canada, who've been playing music since they could hold instruments, they write their own songs, and play their own music. Made up of Tasha-Ray Evin, guitarist, Lacey-Lee Evin, keys, Louise "Weez" Burns, bass, and Kim Urhahn, drums. They are signed to Maverick records, and their debut album "Falling Uphill" is out now...
Example? What the heck to I put under "example" lol?
by Chelsei January 05, 2004
a group of 4 canadian chicks who write their own songs play their own music and are great singers
by Anonymous September 20, 2003
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