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A little lady that is known to be the sun, the center of the universe for a Rocker. Lady Lover of a man that can make his heart act in the strangest of ways, making it turn blue.

Based on the song Rock'n'Roll Queen by The Subways.

A cover of this song was played by guitarist Lt. X when he asked out his lover, when he was standing in the middle of a circle with Horatio the guitar. Lt. X asked his lady if she would be his "Lil Rock'n'Roll Queen." and then he played the cover for her. She gladly accepted.
I have a question... will you be my Lil Rock'n'Roll Queen?- Lt. X

"You are the sun, you are the only one. My heart is blue, my heart is blue for you," The Subways - Rock'n'Roll Queen.
by Lieutenantxavier May 18, 2009
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