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A great rapper who was born in Panama. Has great swag and his current hit single is "Make it Snow". He is part of Young Money with Nicki Minjai and Lil Wayne.
Guy 1: "Dude, did you hear that hot track from Lil Freezi
Guy 2: "Yeah, but it wasnt hot, it was cold! Lil Freezi for life!"
by iamcooldude123 January 26, 2011
Currently 16 year old rapper from Panama, specializing in wrestling, swag and rapping. Formally being a member of Young Money Cash Money, and now a member of Maybach Music.
Yo, did you hear about Lil Freezi's cold hit "Flex Wit Em"?

No, but I heard he was going to turnabout with his girlfriend!
by MackAttack January 10, 2013

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