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Where two people "like" each other's posts on Facebook repeatedly.

Usually found in couples, these like battles can go on for hours, even days.

Here's how it works: Person A posts a status. Person B likes the status, then replies. Person A likes Person B's comment, and replies again. Person B likes Person A's comment, then replies. And so on.
(Facebook Status)

Bob: So excited for the weekend!
Megan likes this.

Megan: Can't wait to see you! ;)
Bob likes this.

Bob: Don't forget to bring the stuff!
Megan likes this.

Megan: Okay, see ya.
Bob likes this.

Bob: Bye! :)
Megan likes this.

Megan: Bye! ;)
Bob likes this.

John: Hey nice like battle you got going on here.
Megan and Bob like this.
by Facebook McDoodle November 14, 2011