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The sexual act of swordfighting, with the addition of a bendy glow stick shoved into each man's urethra while the lights are turned off.
We were sword fighting, but then the lights went out, so we decided to try light sabering instead!
by AeonChronos February 03, 2011
Jerking off in subzero temperatures and ejaculating. The cum will freeze solid while still being partway inside the urethra, hopefully into and icicle shape. It is then used as a weapon.
Dude, I was totally Lightsabering some guy during my trip to Antarctica.
by hitlerdidnothingwrong9/11 July 31, 2014
when a joint or blunt canoes so much without being stopped that it becomes one long orange line down one side, all the way to the roach. Thus garnering the appearance of the fabled Jedi weapon of choice.
Bro 1: Shit man my fucking joint's boating...
Bro 2: Damn son, that shits lightsabering...
by dirman April 01, 2008

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